Let us Help you Tie the Knot - Vegas Style!

We are available to make your wedding dreams come true - Day or Night!

We know that planning  wedding can be challenging and expensive.  No worries, we are your angels to the rescue!

Your wedding

The Big Day

The celebration of weddings is one of the most beautiful events in the lives of couples in love. As your wedding angels, we will bless you with a stress-free, memorable ceremony and reception that will keep smiles on your heart. 


Meet Wedding Angel Founder
LaTanya Potts

LaTanya Potts was raised in Compton, California where famous talents call home.  She broadens her horizons through her travels around the world. Potts tirelessly devotes herself to philanthropic causes. Potts wears many hats as cinema historian, exhibitor, and the administrator of the Potts family motion picture legacy.  She is the founder and owner of Potts Casting and has worked with the biggest names in the TV and film industry.  Potts has dedicated more than 20 years behind the scenes in casting and producing. She brings wealth of experience in the non-profit world and is a giver.

The Wedding Angels

Why should the price of showing your love on your wedding day be outrageous? That's how The Wedding Angels was born. LaTanya Potts and Marie Lemelle each have been previously married and can tell you how the cost of their weddings contributed to a rocky marriage! Let us help you avoid that mistake. Through our pop-up process where we choose you, we offer you a choice of selecting one of our curated "wedding in a box!" Join us for a fun ride when we crash your quick wedding plans! Couples will be offered an opportunity to be on our TV show to follow your journey to walk down the aisle in style on our time and dime!

Be blessed by the angels so you don't get stressed!

Meet Wedding Angel Founder
Marie Lemelle

A native of California and a globe trotter, Marie Lemelle knows luxury on a budget. She has a long history of helping those in need especially the vulnerable population from the homeless to military veterans who struggle to live with dignity. Lemelle is the founder and owner of Platinum Star Public Relations and Platinum Star Media Group. She has an impressive background in the entertainment industry and helped raise awareness of people working in TV and film. She is a playwright and journalist and believes in telling our stories.  Why not help those in love with a wedding that goes beyond your dreams without breaking the bank?

When you meet the angels, be prepared to be blessed!